EPT Warsaw: Back from the dead

I found Noah Boeken. He's now sitting in the chair vacated by Luca Pagano. I hope this Team PokerStars player has more luck with the seat.

The blinds are now 150 300, and with only a tiny stack of chips to his name Noah wouldn't be thrilled to put 300 in on the big blind.

An Italian player in a grey blazor has called pre-flop, the small blind calls too. Noah looks at his cards, then quickly moves all in.

The Italian player wants a count. 2,600 to call Noah's bet. Noah fiddles with his MP3 player. Grey-blazor shrugs, sighs, and folds. The small blind does as well.

Noah won himself 600 more chips, he'll need still more very soon. Not a very exciting hand, but I'm just glad to still be writing about this Team PokerStars player.

Brad Willis
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