EPT Warsaw: Back to the blogging?

EPT blogger, Simon Young, was one of the shortstacks at the start of play today.
He was down to a just a handful of black 100 chips, and on the big blind, when I found his table. He was forced all-in with 2-9, and found two callers both with K-Q.

The flop of Qd-2d-2s suited Simon. But the word 'suited' might well have been ringing in his head on the turn. The turn was a 5d, and gave his opponent a flush draw. But this is poker, with the unexpected just around the corner... You're expecting a diamond to seal Simon's exit? No, no, the river was a Queen - and split pot full houses for the K-Q players.

I guess Simon's going to Monte Carlo's EPT Final to blog instead of play. And of course I wasn't rooting for him just so I got that blogging job..!

I hear Peter Eichhardt, Fabrice Soulier and Paul Testud are also out. Wonder how many tables we're down to when I head down those stairs again...

Simon Young

Brad Willis
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