EPT Warsaw: Biggest pot of the day?

It started fairly insignificantly. Norwegian, Thomas Mathiesen, raising under the gun to 5,000. Peter Willers Jepsen, on the blind re-raised to 17,000. But then Mathiesen moves all-in.

It's only when you see the tower of chips in front of each player that you realise why this is an unusual hand, it's the kind of hand that causes a crowd to gather around the table, trying to get a decent view.

If they could break through the crowd to see the table what they'd see would be Thomas Mathiesen sitting very still, giving nothing away. At the time I didn't know who he was, couldn't even see his name tag. Of course everyone wouldn't who such a player was, who could amass so many chips, and then risk them against one of the few players in the room who could jeopardise his tourney chances.

Peter Willers Jepsen wasn't sitting still, he was shifting in his chair, head in his hands, thinking, thinking, thinking. He thought for a long while, but spoke confidently when he said, "Call."

The cards were turned over. No one moved to count the towering chip stacks yet.

Peter Willers Jepsen was the caller, he showed A-K.

Thomas Mathiesen's hand was shaking a little as he showed A-7.

The cards were dealt. 3-5-6 the flop.

Peter stood up, his excitement mounting.

The turn a 5. The river a J...

Mathiesen still hadn't moved yet. "How much?" was all he said, as the final card was dealt.

Our tournament director counted the chips. "Ninety one thousand seven hundred," he announced to Thomas.

So Thomas counted out his 91,700 chips. "Good call," he said.

He looked down at four small stacks of grey 100 chips. He had around 4,000 left.

As the hand finished I still hadn't learnt Thomas Mathiesen's name. His dinner-privileges name tag was hanging the wrong way round. A group of press were also asking, "Do you know his name?" Finally we found someone who knew.

Thomas heard his name mentioned. He saw the press eagerly writing it down. He gave us all a disgusted look, like, 'do you have to write about that?'

Of course we do. Sorry Thomas.

I expect Peter Willers Jepsen to be chipleader now. The press room do know a thing or two about this player, the lucky guy's not only Warsaw's chipleader, apparently he's dating the massage girl..!

Peter Willers Jepsen

Brad Willis
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