EPT Warsaw: Blink and you'll miss it

It's not so much that I blink and I miss a player's exit, it's more that I'm heading up the stairs, typing up what's going on, heading down again and by the time I get there I find out that we've lost 5 more players. Yes that's right - 5! In around 20 minutes we're down to just 11.

We've lost Michael Westelund and Henning Granstad. Frederik Hostrup apparently put out these two in the same hand.

Next it was Priyan De Mel. He lost with A-K called by Katja Thater whose T-T won.

Then we lost Ole Gammeljord, betting his 9-9 on a A-6-5 board. Marius Sokglund Torbegsen had called his raise with 6-6 and hit the set.

Finally Roberto Matic was out in 12th, with 5-5. Andrew O'Flaherty calling with A-T. Roberto was sorry to see an Ace on the board.

I'd better run before we lose another one...

Last 2 tables...

24th Thomas Osmun €6,242

Brad Willis
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