EPT Warsaw: Cash for Dinner

We lost a few players quickly, and in the last hand before the dinner break Age Spets was the 25th player to go out. Which left 24 players in the money, and in celebratory mood as they headed to the break.

Lucask Wasek, a Polish player, led the cheers. "Money! Money! Money! Money! Small money!"

Frederik Hostrup was proudly telling no one in particular, "I was in the money in Dortmund too."

Another player from his table smiled and told him, "I still can't get over that hand!"

This player told me he'd folded A-T to Frederik, and been shown 4-7os. Frederik had raised, A-T player had re-raised. Frederik had re-re-raised another 40,000 and then Hostrup had shown he had no hand. Frederik made €6,950 in Dortmund, and with moves like that looks on form to make more here in Poland.

Frederik Hostrup

For PokerStars, ElkY and Katja Thater are in the money in Warsaw, as are qualifiers Priyan De Mel and Roberto Matic.

Priyan has been making much use of a PokerStars stress ball at the table. And I've seen his chips yo-yo in a way that makes me understand why he might need it.

The London player claimed, "It's a real loose call, but..." Then on the big blind he called the small-blind's all in 15,000 bet. Pryan showed Q-7, the small-blind, T-7. The small-blind's raise was maybe looser! But a Ten on the flop and Pryan's low-to-medium stack took quite a dent.

The very next hand Pryan goes all-in. He's called and quickly turns over K-K. His caller has 8-8. Pryan wins and heads to dinner leaving a healthy 85,000 stack, and his stress ball, behind.

Pryan De Mel

Roberto Matic is a Kentucky player, originally from the Phillipines. He mentioned to my colleague, Bob, that he played his EPT satellite using FPP only because he was having a problem making a deposit. Bob nipped upstairs, borrowed my computer, and fixed the problem. Roberto can now make a deposit and play online in the break if he so chooses. Although the desserts are great here. I know what I'd do.

Roberto Matic

Andreas Hoivald won't be winning two EPT's in a row, departing in the last level before the dinner break.

Age Spets was on the bubble. His A-Q up against a measly 8-5. The 8-5 made a full house. It might well be a while before Agi relaxes and feels like he'll enjoy the dinner buffet.

Farid Meraghni is our chipleader going into the dinner break. I'll bring you more news, and some chip counts after the break.

Brad Willis
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