EPT Warsaw: Chips

61 players remain, Average chips now 24,262. Blinds are 400 800 with a 100 ante. We're on the last level of the night.

Marius Skoglund Torbergsen (Norwegian PokerStars qualifier) 49,000
Ross Boatman 6,000
Marcel Luske 6,000
ElkY 29,000
Ben Grundy 27,000
Benjamin Kang 47,000
Jani Sointula 20,000
David Welch (UK PokerStars qualifier) 28,000
Sebastian Skuja (Swedish PokerStars qualifier) 21,000
Katja Thater 6,000
Thomas Wahlrus 14,000
Peter Eichhardt 19,000

And sadly table 4, the table that might well win an award for 'Most interesting table at an EPT tournament' is about to be broken.

The players protested, "You can't break this table, it's too much fun!"

Even ElkY, usually reserved, joined in with his support when the player's protested.

"We can't break, we still have issues to resolve."

I don't know whether the tournament director let them off, but the table was still playing last I saw.

Brad Willis
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