EPT Warsaw: Chips

We're on level 4 now, with blinds 100 200 and the average chips 11,623. There are 136 players still playing.

Sverre Sundbo is now out, last I heard the Norwegian had a fever. He hasn't been having a good week in Poland, getting arrested, getting ill, and now getting it all in with his 88 against Andreas Hoivold's AK. It's been a better week for Andreas winning €.672,000 in EPT Dortmund just a few days ago.

Here's a few approximate chipcounts:

Roland de Wolfe 8,000
Simon Young 16,000
Ramzi Jelassi 24,000
Johnny Lodden 21,000
Andreas Hoivold 10,000
Thomas Fougeron 13,000
Jen Mason 14,000
Martin Wendt 12,000
Christoffe Stahle 8,000
Praz Bansi 11,000
Andy Black 6,000

Dave Colclough: 8,000

Richard Gryko: 4,500

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in