EPT Warsaw: Chips before Dinner

The player's are now on a dinner break.

From around the end of Level 5, these are approximate chip counts from the tables…

Johnny Lodden 22,000
Mads Andersen 13,000
Henning Granstad 19,000
Ken Lennard 11,000
Jeff Buffenbarger 13,000
Priyan De Mel 11,000
Jen Mason 7,000
Jan Sjavik 5,000
Dave Colclough 9,000
Tony Chessa 24,000
Patrick Bueno 4,500
Gunnar Osterbrod 15,000
Theo Jorgensen 6,800
Thomas Fougeron 9,000
Richard Gryko 8,000
Simon Young 14,500
Jim Kerrigan 15,500
Ramzi Jelassi 20,000
Roland De Wolfe 4,000
Robert Stevenovski 11,000

If you're wondering why I haven't mentioned Noah Boeken, it seems the Team PokerStars player will start tomorrow, not today as I mentioned in my introduction. A lot of 'name' players will appear on Day 1B, perhaps they don't want a free day to explore the city. I can tell them the park here is very nice.

Praz Banzi is not on our chip list as he's out. Lucky guy now has time for a stroll in the park. Hmm...

Brad Willis
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