EPT Warsaw: Day 1A

The Polish Open is about to begin here at the Hyatt Regency Casino. Play taking place in a smallish basement room, it looks likely that all 300 EPT seats will be filled - so it'll be cosy down there. The players paying 15,000 zloty a seat.

It's the usual format for an EPT with half the players starting on today's Day 1A and the remainder playing on Thursday's for 1B. It's a 4 day tournament, which means Saturday is the exciting final day.

Johnny Lodden takes his seat

Notable player's starting today are Martin Wendt, Johnny Lodden, Richard Gryko, Andreas Hoivold, Tony Chessa, Dave Colclough, Mikael Westerlund, and Jan Sjavik. Andy Black is also here, he's a late buy in, having woken up at 4am this morning he wondered, 'What can I do today?' He decided to play EPT poker, hopped on a plane from Dublin to make it here to Warsaw just in time to register.

Team PokerStars will be represented at this event by Noah 'Exclusive' Boeken, Betrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, Luca Pagano, and Katja Thater. Noah the only one of the team starting today.

Sverre Sundbo also plays in a PokerStars shirt. He's likely to have been the only player considering a jail break to get to the casino. Yesterday Sverre tried hailing a taxi, intending to go see Warsaw, and apparently the police decided this was suspicious behaviour and arrested him for begging. When they discovered his pockets stuffed with cash they had a rethink. His, 'But I'm a poker player!' explanation didn't convince them. I guess Polish Police don't play regularly in the 50 100 Zloty No Limit game here? After some time in the cells they decided to believe Sverre's story and let him go. Maybe he regaled them with hand stories for an hour and this convinced them?

Another player I'll be watching out for today is regular EPT blogger Simon 'Suffolk Punch' Young. Simon's taking a holiday from writing about the EPT to play. He's hoping to be the one taking home a suitcase of cash, rather than taking a photo of it to upload to this blog. He told me if he wins he'll log in to write a final post. A simple one. The text will be, 'I won!'

I expect a good showing from the homegrown players at this event. Well, Poland are obviously he best poker nation in the world..! The Poland Team are reigning Champions of PokerStars World Cup of Poker. Captain 'Doli' Marcin Doliwa and Andrej Skawinski will play in this EPT. I'll be watching out for both these players.

Team PokerStars ElkY, with his eye on the prize...

As usual on these occassions we're a little late getting going. Play was scheduled to start at 2pm, but at 20 minutes later players are still taking their seats. The internet connection here is a little erratic, but I'll keep you updated as best I can. More news from Warsaw, just as soon as play gets underway...

Brad Willis
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