EPT Warsaw: Day 1B

It's a grey day here in Warsaw, the buildings look grey, the sky looks grey, and the 100 value chips are grey too. And that's all that matters to most people around here.

45 players remain from Day 1A, they have a day off today so might wish for better sight-seeing weather, or it might mean they stay in with a laptop and find a game.

Thomas Osman, one of yesterday's chipleaders, enjoying his day off.

We expect the casino to fill 150 of its rather plush seats for EPT Warsaw's Day 1B. Of those 150-ish, 29 won their seats at PokerStars, four of them for just a handful of FPP. Not sure how you hold a handful of FPP, but those players must know what to do with them, to spin them into a poker trip to Poland!

We'll see four of Team PokerStars players start in Warsaw today - ElkY, Luca Pagano, Katja Thater and Noah Boeken.

Of course we'll be watching al lour PokerStars players, but from the player list I spotted many more names to file under 'interesting.' Notable players include Marcel Luske, Peter Roche, Juha Helppi, John Houston, Thomas Wahlroos, Pascal Perrault, Fabrice Soulier, Jonsa Molander, Rehne Pedersen, Peter Eichhardt, Roy Brindley, Tony Cascarino, Dave Gregory, Ross Boatman, Joe Beevers, Barny Boatman, Jani Sointula, Ben Grundy, Nick Slade, Arshad Hussein, Robin Keston, Iwan Jones, Thang Nguyen, Magnus Petersen and Martin Vallo.

The players still playing at the end of 9 levels today will be tablemates with the survivors of Day 1A tomorrow. We have some official chipcounts now, and 10 PokerStars players remain. In the list below PokerStars qualifiers are listed in bold.

Day 1A Survivors official chipcounts:

Henning Granstad (Norway) 80,800
Patric Matensson (Sweden) 79,000
Raymi Sanchez Thorn (Sweden) 61,30
Thomas Mathiesen (Norway) 60,600
Leszek Krawczyński (Poland) 58,800
Thomas Osmun (USA) 56,600
Ramzi Jelassi (Sweden) 55,200
Mikael Westerlund (Sweden) 54,200
Dariusz Paszkiewicz (Poland) 53,300
Mark Petersen (Denmark) 46,200
Kerry James Kerrigan (UK) 44,400
Spencer Lawrence (UK)44,200
Andreas Hoivo ld (Norway) 41,900
Kasper Bisgaard Nielsen (Denmark) 36,700
Martin Ostby (Norway) 35,600
Sondre Sagstuen (Norway) 34,500
Paul McCann (UK) 32,700
Kristian Kjondal (Norway) 31,500
Kevin Love (UK) 29,300
Soren Bakfort (Denmark) 28,900
Craig Wexler (USA) 28,700
Nikolas Liakos (Sweden) 28,000
Tom Schasfoort(Netherlands) 27,000
Stuart Wilson (UK) 26,700
Dennis Plejdrup (Denmark) 25,500
Janne Jutilainen (Finland)25,300
Finn-Erik Egeland (Norway)23,300
Michał Panasiuk (Poland) 19,700
Karl Mahrenholz (Denmark)18,000
Priyan De Mel (UK)16,000
Russell Carson (Canada) 15,700
Tim Gillig (Germany)14,100
Patrice Boudet (France) 13,600
Simon Young (UK) 13,000
Jaakko Penttinen (Finland) 11,700
Ulrik Pedersen (Denmark)11,400
Kalevi Haikola (Finland) 11,200
Simone Rossi (Spain)11,200
Annica Ivert (Sweden)10,100
Damian Porębski (Poland) 8,700
Albano Mathieu (France) 8,500
Morten Hseby Haakenstad (Norway) 7,400
Pyysing Aki (Finland) 6,800
Axel Herbst (Germany) 6,100
Bjorn Erik Suhr (Norway) 6,100

Day 1B play will get underway very soon at the Hyatt Regency Casino.

Brad Willis
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