EPT Warsaw: Day 2

I popped back to my room to collect something yesterday, and there was a knock on the door.

"Chocolates!" Said a pretty girl in a hotel uniform.

I like chocolates. So I thanked her and collected two boxes of sweet treats. Of course this reminded me of the poker of Day 2 of the EPT. I like Day 2's best. The two day 1's are interesting of course, you look around the tables and see star players, or dreaming would-be stars. The final day has all the obvious glamour, the chase to see who will be the best. But I like the ups and downs and sheer drama of Day 2. It's that all or nothing day. The day when some will go home with nothing, others will feel satisfied that they won some part of a 4,047,000 Zloty prize pool. And of course a lucky few will still be in the fight for the €.325,633 first place.

Forrest Gump had this to say about chocolate, "Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you're gonna get."

Maybe it's just me, but I think chocolate is chocolate, so whichever one you pick is never going to be so bad. And what makes this day of EPT poker so 'sweet' is that there's highs and lows today.If Forrest Gump was talking about Day 2 of the EPT he might say, "Poker is nothing like a box of chocolates, because sometimes you get a great prize, sometimes you get nothing."

So that's what I thought as I enjoyed my sweets. That's kind of why I'm excited by the EPT Poker on offer today. Play begins soon, I'll bring you all the stories of who's in the money and who's out with nothing but a free chocolates for consolation.

PokerStars has 18 qualifiers still playing in the tournament, as well as ElkY and Katja Thater of Team PokerStars, and Simon Young of PokerStars blog fame.

Somehow we much have lost a few before the start, 93 play today, not the 100 I mentioned yesterday. I guess the casino big screen hadn't updated the figures after a few all-ins in the last few hands.

Here's the chip counts for all those who play on Day 2 of EPT Warsaw:

Henning Granstad (Norway) 80,800
Patric Martensson (Sweden) 79,000
Marius Skoglund Torbergsen(Norway) 74,000
Peter Willers Jepsen (Denmark) 73,300
Roberto Matic (USA) 71,900
Paul Kristoffersson (Sweden) 63,200
Raymi Sanchez Thorn (Sweden)61,300
Thomas Mathiesen (Norway) 60,600
Leszek Krawczyński (Polska) 58,800
Orjan Holt (Norway) 57,200
Jakub Wisniewski (Polska) 57,100
Thomas Osmun (USA) 56,600
Age Spets (Norway) 55,900
Ramzi Jelassi (Sweden)55,200
Mikael Westerlund (Sweden) 54,200
Dariusz Paszkiewicz (Polska) 53,300
Jacob Juhl (Denmark) 51,100
Andrew O'Flaherty (UK) 50,400
Mark Petersen (Denmark) 46,200
Kerry James Kerrigan (UK) 44,400
Spencer Lawrence (UK)44,200
Ole Gammeljord (Denmark) 42,400
Lukasz Wasek (Polska) 41,900
Andreas Hoivold (Norway)41,900
Christopher Ulsrud (Norway)41,300
Benjamin Kang (Germany) 40,800
Frederik Hostrup Pedersen (Denmark)40,400
David Gregory (UK) 40,300
Anders Berg (Norway) 38,800
Kasper Bisgaard Nielsen (Denmark)36,700
Piotr Lopusiewicz (Polska) 36,000
Martin Ostby (Norway) 35,600
Bertrand Grospellier (France) 35,500
Sondre Sagstuen (Norway) 34,500
Ben Grundy (UK) 33,600
Thomas Billum (Denmark) 33,100
Farid Meraghni (France) 32,700
Paul McCann (UK) 32,700
Kristian Kjondal (Norway) 31,500
Jes Bondo (Denmark) 30,400
Kevin Love (UK) 29,300
Soren Bakfort (Denmark) 28,900
Craig Wexler (USA) 28,700
Nikolas Liakos (Sweden) 28,000
Dennis Bejedal (Sweden) 27,800
Tom Schasfoort (Netherlands) 27,000
Stuart Wilson (UK) 26,700
Dennis Barting (Denmark) 26,400
Dennis Plejdrup (Denmark) 25,500
Ross Boatman (UK) 25,300
Janne Jutilainen (Finland) 25,300
Søren Kongsgaard Nielsen (Denmark) 24,700
Jan Wronowski (Polska) 24,700
Finn-Erik Egeland (Norway)23,300
Rolf Woods (Norway) 23,200
David Welch (UK) 21,600
Tomasz Al Chalabi (Polska) 20,200
Torstein Berget (Norway) 19,800
Michal Panasiuk (Polska)19,700
Jani Sointula (Finland) 19,300
John Conroy (UK) 18,200
Karl Mahrenholz (UK) 18,000
Thomas Tyszkiewicz (Sweden)17,800
Przemyslaw Samsel (Polska)17,200
Priyan De Mel (UK) 16,000
Russell Carson (Canada) 15,700
Julien Neumann (France)15,500
Tomas Alenius (Sweden) 15,300
Martin Vallo (Denmark) 14,800
Michael Van Putten Due (Denmark) 14,600
Fabrice Soulier (France)14,100
Tim Gillig (Germany)14,100
Patrice Boudet (France) 13,600
Juha Helppi (Finland)13,500
Simon Young (UK) 13,000
Katja Thater (Germany) 11,800
Jaakko Penttinen (Finland)11,700
Ulrik Pedersen (Denmark) 11,400
Kalevi Haikola (Finland) 11,200
Simone Rossi (Spain) 11,200
Juuso Kauppinen (Finland)10,500
Annica Ivert (Sweden)10,100
Christoffer Sonesson (Sweden)9,300
Paul Testud (France) 9,200
Christopher Robson (UK) 9,000
Damian Porębski (Polska) 8,700
Albano Mathieu (France) 8,500
Morten Huseby Haakenstad (Norway)7,400
Simon Kelly (Ireland) 7,200
Peter Eichhardt (Sweden) 7,000
Pyysing Aki (Finland) 6,800
Axel Herbst (Germany)6,100
Bjorn Erik Suhr (Norway) 6,100

PokerStars players are in bold. I'll bring you news of the table draw soon.

Brad Willis
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