EPT Warsaw: ElkY OuT

As I mentioned ElkY was shortstacked and getting busy with his all-in push. I was busy typing when he went out, so didn't catch the final hand, but he's out in 18th. We also just lost Paul Kristofferson.

Down to two tables, the final 16 line-up as follows...

Table 1:

Seat 1: Benjamin Kang
2: Henning Granstad
3: Priyam De Mel
4: Frederik Holstrup
5: Farid Meraghni
6: John Conroy
7: Mikael Westerlund
8: Dennis Bejedal

Table 2:

1: Dennis Plejdrup
2: Roberto Matic
3: Katja Thater
4: Peter Willers Jesper
5: Patric Martensson
6: Marius Sokglund Torbegsen
7: Andrew O'Flaherty
8: Ole Gammeljord

Usual thing, PokerStars people in bold. Let's hope they play bold...

Brad Willis
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