EPT Warsaw: End of Day 1A

Just 46 players remain of the 136 who started this first day of play at EPT Warsaw. Johnny Lodden won't be coming back on Friday. He was short of chips late in the day day and moved in with A-7. He was called by two players, one with Q-Q and the other A-K. Two Aces on the flop gave Johnny a little split plot hope, but it wasn't to be. It seems Andrej Skawinski is also out, the Team Poland WCP player's chair was empty.

Blogger Simon Young will be back for his second day of play. So much for me getting him to help me with tomorrow's chipcounts..!

PokerStars qualifier Thomas Osman appeared to be chipleader as play ended, but we'll have the official chipcounts, as well as news of Day 1B's field, tomorrow. I hope you'll be reading..!

Brad Willis
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