EPT Warsaw: End of Day 1B

Play has now ended here in Warsaw. 54 players will return tomorrow, to meet the 46 players of Day 1A at the tables. Which makes it exactly 100 players starting on day 2.

Interesting players we'll be watching tomorrow include Team PokerStars ElkY and Katja Thater. We'll also follow last week's EPT winner Andreas Hoivold, PokerStar's blogger, Simon Young, Ben Grundy, Jani Sointula, Ross Boatmen... And anyone else with chips and a story to tell.

There were a couple of tournament casualties late in the day here in Poland.Thomas Wahlrus who had only 9,000 chips and seemed willing to gamble, but the gamble didn't pay off and he's out. I just saw Marcel Luske go out too, on the button and shortstaked, his J-2 met Peter Eichhardt's A-3 and didn't get any help.

I claimed a chipleader for PokerStars after the end of day 1A yesterday, and I'm going to do so again today. Norwegian player Marius Skoglund Torbergsen looks to have around 75,000 chips at the end of play today. I'm not getting put off by the fact that PokerStars qualifier Thomas Osmun was not quite chipleader yesterday... Who's top of the pile at this stage is not what it's about, there are two more days of poker to play.

As usual we'll have the facts, a full official chipcounts, and news and stories from Poland's EPT for you tomorrow. Play begins 2pm local time once again.

Marius Skoglund Torbergsen, one of the chipleaders at the end of play today.

Brad Willis
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