EPT Warsaw: Interesting tables (and interesting jackets)

Still little to report from the tables, now on a break at the end of level 2. Tough tables so far seem to be these...

Table 1: Katja Thater, Arshad Hussain, Roy Brindley

Team PokerStars Katja Thater

Table 3: Juha Helppi, Jani Sointula

Jani Sointula: Monte Carlo Millions winner

Table 4: ElkY, Ben Grundy, Thang Duc Nguyen, Nick Slade.

Thang Nguyen: Winner of EPT Baden

Table 11: Jonas Molander, Rehne Pedersen, Thomas Wahlrus and Iwan Jones.

Jonas Molander : My pick for the press room last longer bet.

Table 14: Marcel Luske, Luca Pagano

Team PokerStars Luca Pagano: Cool jacket!

Brad Willis
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