EPT Warsaw: It's a Zlot of Zloty

Here are the prizes for this 15,000 Zloty buy in event. The prizepool is 4,047,000 Polish Zloty or €1,040,360. It seems the pay-out won't be in Zloty. Maybe because this would be too many notes to fit into the shiny silver winner's briefcase?

1st €325,633
2nd €182,063
3rd €109,238
4th €78,027
5th €64,502
6th €50,978
7th €40,574
8th €29,130
9th to 10th €18,726
11th to 12th €14,565
13th to 14th €12,484
15th to 16th €9,363
17th to 24th €6,242

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in