EPT Warsaw: Just a Jack

At a lively table in the corner of the room sit Johnny Lodden, Henning Grandstad, Mads Anderson and Ken Lennard.

Johnny Lodden looked comfortable with around 30,000 chips, and on his left Henning Granstad seemed chipper too, chipped up to around the same mark.

A raise and re-raise preflop, then Lodden and Henning see a flop of J-Q-4. Then suddenly these players with a lot of chips -and a lot of play- get busy flinging chips in the middle. Perhaps it's because thet have more than most to play with, the average stack being about 13k?

The turn's an Ace, and the pot gets bigger still. Neither player seems much concerned. The river is a two, and as if both players realise how involved are in this hand they suddenly both check.

Henning shows A-K. Lodden smiles, and laughs, "Jacks!"

The table waits to see his cards, looking at the Jack on the flop and expecting him to show a J-J pocket pair, and claim the pot with a set. Johnny mucks.

He laughs again, 'Just a Jack.'

One of 'those' kind of poker hands, between players who'll throw their chips around with not so much. And Lodden was ahead when chips went in on the flop. Henning was optimistic in sticking it out for the Ace turn.

I couldn't tell you who played that bad or good. I can tell you Lodden lost 15,000 chips, but was still smiling about it afterwards.

Johnny Lodden

Brad Willis
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