EPT Warsaw: Katja hopes to catch cards?

Marcel Luske is still playing, Katja Thater is also very short of chips. Apologies for failing to mention the Team PokerStars lady. I think I must be a very unlucky blogger indeed, because I've covered 3 EPT tournaments now, I've watched Katja's table plenty in each one, but I've yet to see her play a hand. But just now, on around 3000 chips I saw her go all-in twice in a row. All folded, and she gathered up those blinds and antes. Perhaps feeling she had momentum going now, Katja was disappointed that at the end of level 8 there was to be a break.

A lot of players seemed annoyed that with just one hour of play remaining, the tournament was to break. Someone demanded of an official, "Why is there a break?" It was explained that it was to colour up the chips. We'll lose the many green 25 chips that are forming tall stacks in front of the players. And why are we colouring up these chips? well surely it's to make getting chip counts easier for us bloggers! Back soon with some numbers.

Katja Thater

Brad Willis
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