EPT Warsaw: Live Updates

9.15PM -- Farid wastes no time, he's all-in the very next hand. Peter calls immediately, turning over 7-7. Farid has A-5.

The flop is 7-6-9, giving Farid hope of a straight. The turn a 4. He needs a 3 or an 8 on the river..! But it's a 2. Farid is out, he's our second place finisher, taking home €182,063 to France. Peter Jepsen wins €325,633, a seat in the Monte Carlo final, a very nice trophy, and a hug from his girlfriend Frida, the EPT massage therapist!

Peter Jepsen, EPT Warsaw's winner, with his €325,633 prize

9.11PM -- Farid raises pre-flop, Peter calls. They see a flop of Td-5c-2c. Both players check. The turn is 5c. A 10,000 bet from Farid. Peter re-raise 200,000 more. Farid announces, "All-in."

Peter quickly calls. He shows 9h 5h. Farid has 2d-3h. The Qh on the river is irrelevent. The hand leaves Farid on just 170,000. Peter has about 2,700,000.

9.01PM -- Of course everything gets interesting as soon as I leave the tourney floor... I get there to see Farid all-in on a board of 5c-Ad-Ks-2h-9d. It was 485,000 to Peter to call, perhaps another 200,000 in the centre of the table. Peter thinks for a long time, before announcing, "Call". Farid grins as he flips over 9-2 for two pair. This puts the players around level on chips.

8.36PM -- Peter and Farid have been playing around half an hour now, and I can see now why they wanted that dinner break. It must have been to give them energy for a long, long, heads up contest..!

So far it's all like this:

call - see flop - bet - fold
preflop raise - fold
or else, raise - call - check - check - check - low pair wins

Not even a re-raise to report as a bit of minor poker excitement.

I can report that there are vast differences in the player's styles. Farid has been cautioned for messy chip stacking in this tournament, his stack looks like it's infested with a kind of chip-fungus. Whereas Peter regularly uses a solitary chip to carefully straighten his neat piles into orderly, sharp-edged, towers. Farid's jacket looks like it needs an iron, whereas Peter wears a smart, black, PokerStars dress shirt. Apparently he's not wearing the PokerStars shirt because he's sponsored, or because he qualified at the site. He just likes PokerStars. Or perhaps nice smart, black, shirts?

As for differing poker styles..? Well, I wish there was more to report. Hope there will be soon.

Peter has the (neat) chiplead with around 1,700,000 Farid looks to have a (messy)stack of about 1,400,000.

Peter Jepsen

7.11PM -- The players come back from their end of level break, sit down at the table, and then ask for the dinner break. Tournament Director Jerard obliges, and we'll be back to play in 40 minutes. The press and waiting railbirds groan, we would have been fine with them having a sandwich at the table.

6:46PM -- PokerStars qualifier John Conroy might want to log in and and get himself a seat in that satellite. He won't be getting his Monte Carlo seat in this tournament. John raised preflop and was re-raised by Peter Jepsen. Farid shrugs thoughtfully and passes. Back to John who moves all-in. Peter quickly calls and turns over A-A. It's A-K for unlucky John, and no miracle board to save him. Farid tells the table he passed 8-8... It's a short break and then we're heads up between Farid Meraghni and Peter Jepsen.

John Conroy is 3rd, winning €109,238

6:35PM -- I mentioned the prizes here in Warsaw, but of course the winner here in Poland also gets a €10,000 seat in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. PokerStars final Saturday $800 satellite is just about to kick off, with a starting field of 238 (and counting!) This makes it the most popular EPT satellite ever on PokerStars. It should award at least a dozen seats to happy PokerStars punters. A few of those can expect their stories written up on this blog in a few weeks.

6:03PM -- Marius Torbergsen, the Norwegian PokerStars qualifier was getting shortstacked, many of his bets were getting re-raised.

On a flop of 5-4-6 Marius makes it 50,000. That's a big chunk of his stack. Peter pushes forward a tower of pink 10,000 chips. It's 200,000 to Marius, which sets him all-in if he calls.

He calls.

Q-5 for Marius.

7-8 for Peter. Yes, that's the nuts..!

The turn a Queen gives Marius faint hope of the full-house variety. Sadly, the river's a dull card, which sends Marius out in 4th place. Peter must be our new chipleader with over a million, Farid close behind on 900,000. John on approximately 700,000. Marius cashes for €78,027. The remaining prizes are:

1st €325,633
2nd €182,063
3rd €109,238

Marius Torbergsen, out in 4th place

6:00PM -- Approximate chipcounts of the remaining four players. Blinds just gone up to 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Peter Jepsen 765,000
Marius Torbergsen 200,000
Farid Meraghni 900,000
John Conroy 760,000

Farid Meraghni, current chipleader with 900,000 chips

5:55PM -- After the madness of losing 3 players within 4 hands it's all quietened down a bit. We haven't seen a showdown for quite a while. There was a rare family pot. Andy Black, commentating on the final table, seemed excited, but just a bet by Farid and everyone folded. The very next hand, as if disappointed by the players, Andy said, "I'm going to go back to my cashgame." Before he left he did try to generate a bit of noise by getting the crowd to sing along to the blind change music. He wasn't impressed, "That was pathetic, and it's one hour before you try again."

5:24PM -- The very next hand, Katja Thater is all-in. Her 2-2 is no good against Peter Jepsen's A-Q. An Ace on the flop put Katja out.

Team PokerStars Katja Thater out 5th for €64,502

5:23PM -- PokerStars qualifier John Conroy just doubled up. Farid's A-J paying off John's A-A. Conroy now our second chipleader, looks like he's on 800,000

5:18PM -- We've lost another one! Marius raised to 32,000. Andy O'Flaherty moves all-in, Farid moves all-in too, he easily covers Andy. Marius folds, so we two player to showdown. It's 2-2 for Andy, J-J for Farid. The board doesn't help Andy, he's out in 6th place with €50,978 Just 5 players left.

5:10PM -- Farid raises to 32,000. It folds round to Patric Mortensson who moves all-in. Farid quickly calls. It's As-Kd for Patric, Ah-Qh for the Frenchman. The Board is Ts-Th-7d-7h... giving Farid a flush draw with one card to come. But the river is a Queen. Farid puts Patric out in 7th place.

Patric Martensson, our 7th place finisher wins €40,574

4.56PM -- In early position Fredrik Hostrup moves all-in. Andy O'Flaherty asks for a count, then moves all-in too. 136,000 chips was Fredrik's count. Everyone else folds, so we see the cards. Ks-Ts for Fredrik, T-T for Andy. The board of Q-7-5-3-5 isn't what Fredrik wants to see. He's out in 8th place, taking home €29,130.

Fredrik Hostrup of Denmark, out in 8th place for €29,130

4.49PM -- A short break. Andy Black asks Lee Jones if he can take over the commentary. Lee obliges.

"What's everyone's name?" Andy asks. He starts asking the players to introduce themselves. Lee gives him a sheet listing the players.

Farid isn't back at the table when they want to resume play. Lee asks Andy to call him on the mike.

"Calling the French Guy..." Andy says. Not sure he's reading that sheet.

4.46PM -- Lee Jones counted these so I think they'll be good:

Fredrik Hostrup 129,000
Peter Willers Jepsen 670,000
Marius Torbergsen 431,000
Andrew O'Flaherty 193,000
Farid Meraghni 749,000
Katja Thater 166,000
Patric Martensson 204,000
John Conroy 336,000

4:31PM -- Fredrik raises, as usual... Andy O'Flaherty moves all-in. His chips are counted, 65,000 the verdict. Fredrik calls and shows J-T. Andy has K-J. The board of 7-7-3-4-A sees Andy double-up. Still 8 players.

4:27PM -- A 200,000 pot is won. Marius raises to 30,000. Farid calls. Peter Jepsen, on the big blind calls too. Three players see a flop of Ad-Td-7h. Peter checks. Marius bets 50,000. Farid calls. Peter thinks, but finally passes. Marius calls. The turn is 6c. Marius bets 100,000 and Farid quickly folds. The Norwegian PokerStars player wins a nice pot.

4:22PM -- Fredrik raises to 35,000. Marius moves all-in. Andy O'Flaherty moves all-in also. Fredrik gets out of their way. It's 7-7 for Marius, A-K for Andy.

The board 7-8-3-J-A.

A set sees Marius double up.

Frederik isn't put off, a raise to 35,000 the very next hand. This time everyone folds.

4:01PM -- Approximate Chipcounts below. Blinds are now 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Fredrik Hostrup 245,000
Peter Willers Jepsen 640,000
Marius Torbergsen 135,000
Andrew O'Flaherty 270,000
Farid Meraghni 810,000
Katja Thater 170,000
Patric Martensson 220,000
John Conroy 370,000

3:56PM -- Andrew O'Flaherty moves all-in on the small blind. Farid, on the big blind, folds. Lee Jones on the mike announces, "Andy shows a random card... He shows the single best runner to the fourth best nut flush!" Ok, not a key hand, but I just think Lee Jones is funny.

3.53PM -- Katja doubles up again. Farid Meraghni makes it 22,000 to play. Katja moves all-in, she has 76,000 chips, and so it's not much of a decision for Farid. Q-T for the Frenchman. K-K for Katja, a set on the flop, quads on the river and Katja decisively wins that one.

3.43PM -- Players on a short break while they colour up the chips. Frederik Hostrup and Lee Jones discuss Neil Young. It seems John Conroy's not a fan...

3:33PM -- John Conroy started with less than 80,000 chips but an earlier triple up, and a few moves, have seen the senior member of the table now stacking close to 320,000 chips. Here's how he won a a few just now. He just moved all-in with the flop showing Jd-7d-Th. A re-raise by Marius, saw Conroy make this rapid all-in move. Conroy shows J-T for two Pair. Marius must have liked his kicker, but is trailing with A-J. The turn's a 7. The river's a T. A full house for the happy UK player.

3.00PM -- Marius Torbergsen raises preflop. Katja moves all-in. It's 48,000 chips. Marius announces 'call'. He has plenty of chips to do it with. It's 5h-6d for Marius and Ks-Jd for Katja. The cards are dealt. Kh-9d-8h... Katja has a pair. The turn a Th... gives Marius a flush draw. The river 6c sees Katja double up.

Katja Thater

2.37PM -- The final table is now underway. One of our staff here spoke to Katja before the game started, and she told him she was feeling confident of her ability to manage her short stack. She had hardly any chips for most of Day 2 yesterday, but seemed to make moves at just the right times to keep going, including a great call with A-4 against a K-4 bluff. I hope to report more of Katja's hands soon.

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