EPT Warsaw: Peter Jepsen wins the Polish Open

Peter Jepsen is our winner in EPT Warsaw. The former soldier took up poker when he was seriously injured in Iraq, and became a different kind of hero today when he took the Polish Open title. This Danish player always stacked his chips with military precision, and had a cool methodical style of play, this made his assault on this EPT title look almost effortless.

I don't know whether it was anything to do with his girlfriend being the EPT's regular massage therapist..!? Peter seemed completely relaxed at every stage of this EPT. At the final table he played his cards, made his moves, but always seemed in quiet control. As the final unfolded his girlfriend watched from the sidelines, and he didn't seem to need a back rub, but he did seem happy when she gave him a proud, hug when he won.

Peter had this to say about his win, "The money is great but I really, really wanted to win this EPT tournament. I won $165,000 at a tournament in St Kitts last year, but it’s important to me to have a proper title to my name."

Peter now has less than a fortnight to prepare for the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. I expect he'll treat his next big game in typical pragmatic style. I wouldn't be surprised if he quietly advanced into the money there too.

Peter Jepsen - EPT Warsaw's winner (and girlfriend)

It was an interesting final table. I predicted fireworks, and it felt like a long fuse wire, but then lots of pretty poker sparkles. There was also a bang with three players going out in the space of of just four hands. Here's a reminder of who figured in this final day in Poland:

2nd Farid Meraghni, €182,063

Our 2nd place finisher, Farid Meraghni, was one of the busiest players at the table, raising, re-raising, more than any other. No wonder his chip stacks were never tidy - he was too busy getting them in play. Farid seemed like the aggressor when heads-up against Peter Jepsen, however it was a key hand where he got caught raising 2-3, then bluffing the turn, that lost him his momentum at the final. Farid will be cursing Jensen hitting a set in that hand. He was a forceful presence at the table, and if he plays this way every time I expect he'll force his way to more final tables.

3rd John Conroy, €109,238

PokerStars qualifier John Conroy, a regular on the UK tournament scene, probably had the most experience of any player at the table. He played a solid game, the short-stack as he reached this final table, he never seemed flustered by this fact and soon gathered chips. He'll count himself unlucky that he didn't progress further. When you're all-in with AK and get called by A-A, you have to give a 'one of those things' shrug, and hope for the Poker Gods favour next time around.

4th Marius Torbergsen, €78,027

This PokerStars qualifier from Norway, impressed many. Although his income is derived from online poker, he certainly showed he has no fear in live games. He played a big stack extremely well on Day 2. He got caught a few times without the cards, but at the same time rarely seemed to put his whole tournament in jeopardy. It seemed like he had a wise poker head on his young shoulders.

5th Katja Thater, €64,502

This was Katja's first EPT final table, but she played it like she was expecting to win. She made some great plays in this EPT, particularly an all-in call with only A-4 when Ramsi Jelassi tried to bully her. She never seemed to have great cards, or many chips, but made the final despite that. The Team PokerStars Lady will be wishing her 2-2 had beaten Jepsen's A-Q to give her a little longer to make her mark at the final today.

6th Andy O'Flaherty €50,978

Another 2-2 exit, this hand put Andy out of EPT Warsaw. Farid Meraghni finding JJ when he moved all-in. It's a shame Andy was out early, he made many all-in moves early on at the final, and this one was just bad timing for him. He wasn't afraid to get involved at the table, in more ways than one... It was funny when he asked Farid, "Are you untidy at home too?" when he saw his poorly stacked chips.

7th Patric Mortensson €40,574

Patrick's becoming something of a legend in EPT circles. It could be something to do with making three final tables in the last 18 months. It could also be to do with his friends telling the press fake biographic details. A 'Google' search on his name will reveal many references to his success as Sweden's Monopoly Champion, amongst other things. No chance for Patrick to claim he was EPT Warsaw's Champion today. A bad beat early in the tournament put him out, his A-K losing to Farid's A-Q.

8th Fredrik Hostrup €29,130

A fun player to watch, perhaps something of a show-off at the table - always ready with a witty comment for the crowd, or a bold bluff to show his table. He took the mike from Lee Jones in a break, and announced to the crowd, "Raise! Raise! All-in!" They're the kind of words he uses a lot... He went out when his Ks-Ts ran into a better hand, he's not a player to be afraid to go out fighting. The EPT is always glad to see players like him creating a buzz at any table. This was his second cash in a row, with a placing in EPT Dortmund too. I hope he plays in Monte Carlo's Grand Final.

This was the first EPT to be held in Poland, but I'll say it was a great success. The venue was perfect, the staff here exceptionally friendly and helpful. Even Andy Black on the mike as commentator (in a break from his cash game) decided he ought to thank the organisers for a great EPT. I understand EPT Warsaw will be bigger and better in Poland next year. I've seen the future, and it is a fancy ballroom, and a televised final table..! It might not be every poker player's first consideration but if you play an EPT you can get some great poker, but also nice desserts, and room service that bring free chocolates to your room!

Thats it for the EPT blog in Poland, and it's close to the end of this EPT season. The Grand Final in Monte Carlo is its swansong, beginning on March 28th. I'm not sure whether last year's winner Jeff Williams is doing it for free chocolates, and hotel opulence..? I do know he's qualified for his seat at PokerStars and is ready to play. If I were you I'd try to do same. Read all about Jeff, other EPT stars, and PokerStars would-be stars, on PokerStars blog soon.

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