EPT Warsaw: Play begins

Play has begun here in Warsaw, the usual style of play you see when you have 10,000 chips and the blinds are 25 50, players are simply easing into their game.

I've hung around the likely looking tables, hoping for some blog-worthy stories to tell. So far I must have been at the wrong table at the wrong time. Press room gossip tells of Barny Boatman down to 1,100 chips after just 20 minutes. And now I just heard Barny's out, running his 8-5 into pocket Kings.

Interesting tables so far, well Luca Pagano shares a table with Marcel Luske. Elky sits beside Ben Grundy. PokerStars New Zealand qualifier James Honeybee, is also at this table. James told me his preperation for EPT Warsaw involved three days in London meeting 'Hot chicks!' James seems to have lost a few chips already, but was confident he'd do well, on his last poker trip to Europe he had a 5th place tournament finish and took $85,000 back home to New Zealand.

I reached James table just as Elky won a pot, but missed the details of this hand. Told you, wrong table, wrong time. And I'd better get back to the tables, to try to be in the right place at the right time for you...

Elky wins a pot, it was a straight flush vs quad aces... well just maybe.

Brad Willis
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