EPT Warsaw: PokerStars players doing very well, thank you...

Level 7 now, 72 players remain, with the average around 18,000 chips. PokerStars shirts seem to be lucky for some.

Simon Young probably didn't feel lucky when he got moved to the corner table. The table of 'Scandi-Doom' one poker journo christened it. Here sits Johnny Lodden, Andreas Hoivold, Mads Andersen and Henning Granstad. Simon Young's been at a few tough tables today, but doesn't seem daunted.

Johnny Lodden, has around 27,000 and decides to call for the massage therapist. Johnny enjoying the massage, appears to have his eyes closed as he raises 1,500. Simon's not the type to call for a massage, or to play with his eyes shut, he'll leave that to the Scandi Doomsters, but he does seem happy with his cards. He calls. Johnny opens his eyes enough to see a flop of 3d-4d-4c. I imagine he likes what he sees, he makes it 2,000. Simon seems to like it too, he calls.

The turn a 2d.

Lodden bets 3,000. Simon pulls out 3,000 as if to call, but with a, 'sod that' look he moves all-in.

Lodden mucks. Simon up to 16,000. Lodden closes his eyes again, down to 20,000.

Thomas Osmun seems to win more chips each time I pass his table. The US player was contemplating a flop of 2d-6h-Ah as I passed this time. There was was a big pile of chips beside the cards already. A player in a purple shirt had just made a bet.

"I'll see what you've got," Thomas says.

"I'm all-in blind," purple-shirt says.

"I need a count."

The dealer confirms that purple-shirts all-in re-raise is 13,500. Thomas has plenty more than this.

"I call," the PokerStars player drawls.

Cards on their backs and it's A-K for purple-shirt, and A-6 and two pair for Thomas Wexler. The turn and river don't change anything, Thomas counts his stack. At 65,000 he's one of the chipleaders.

Thomas Osmun stacks his chips, watched by Dave Colclough

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