EPT Warsaw: Poulain All-ain

Alexandre Poulain is a French PokerStars qualifier, who's managed to lose a lot of chips already, but looks surprisingly relaxed about the smallish stack in front of him. Maybe this is because in EPT Copenhagen he nursed a similar tiny pile of chips into a fairly sizeable win? He finished 6th in Copenhagen, for €.89,089. When Alexandre is not running a discount electronics store in Paris, he's a regular at the Aviation Club on the Champs Elysees which is where he won his first major tournament, picking up the Pot Limit Omaha title and 25k - at the European Finals of Poker Masters.

I reached Alexandre's table just as he pushed all-in, re-raising a young bearded guy in a PokerStars jersey. PokerStars-beardy contemplated this 1,900 re-raise for some time. Alexandre smiling all the while.

The other player folded and Alexandre returned to reading his poker magazine. Perhaps he'll read about his own success at EPT Warsaw in next month's edition?

Alexandre Poulain, smiling as he pushes all-in.

Brad Willis
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