EPT Warsaw: Quiet hands and loud hands

We're down to 18 players. We lost Ramsi Jalassi. Notable players remaining are Frederik Hostrup, Benjamin Kang, Peter Jepsen, John Conway, Dennis Bejedal, Mikael Westerlund, Andrew O'Flaherty. PokerStars players still in this thing are ElkY, Katja Thater, Roberto Matic, Pryan De Mel, and Marius Skoglund Tobergson.

Elky on the button went all-in. He wins the 3000/6000 blinds and 600 antes. The very next hand he goes all-in again. A player demands a count. It's 61,000. All fold. Elky shows 4-4.

Those were quiet hands. I hear a "wooohoooo!" from the next table. Mikael Westerlund is all-in, J-K showing. Benjamin Kang has called his raise with Q-Q. The board was what all the fuss was about. 7-7-7-J... and then another 7!

Westerlund saves in - playing Quad 7's with a King kicker. A crazy hand. Westerlund looks dazed, but has the grace to smile about it.

Mikael Westerlund smiles as he contemplates his survival

Benjamin Kang wonders, 'how did I lose that?'

Brad Willis
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