EPT Warsaw: Representing PokerStars

Around 40 PokerStars players started play on Day 1A, I've tried to track down names and chipcounts of the remaining PokerStars faithful.

4 Finnish players started, and three of these still have chips and hope to 'finnish' the day.

You may remember I mentioned a 'Mystery Finn' who was involved in a hand with Roland de Wolfe? Well I've discovered his name is Mika Erkki Olavi Alanen. And I'm sure I won't forget that name in a hurry. No, I won't forget any of his four names. Mika was left with just 700 chips after losing the hand I mentioned, but he's survived and now holds 4,000.

Playing in a PokerStars shirt, that will eventually be packed and flown on a plane to Finland, we also have Janne Juutilainen on 19,000 chips. And Kalevi Haikola on 9,000.

Janne Juutilainen

French PokerStars player Thierry Passeron has 10,500 chips at the start of level 6. Thierry has managed to qualify for 3 EPTs with his FPP this year. I'd call that some French Power Play.

Thomas Osmun from the quaintly named Wesley Chapel, in Florida has a healthy stack of 38,000 chips. He's sitting on Dave Colclough's left. Thijs Tabak from Holland is on 8,000 chips and also playing at the same table.

Thomas Osmun and Thijs Tabak

Jen Mason, PokerStars qualifier and London poker writer is on 8,000. She's the only female PokerStars player to start today. I don't know much about Peter Gerich from Germany, but I do know he has 12,000 chips.

PokerStars Blogger Simon Young counted out his chips for me, and is probably glad that it's the only stack he has to count on his blogging day off. Simon said he had 15,700.

If you're looking for news of your PokerStars buddy and they're not mentioned here, don't despair, they could still be playing, there are around 90 players left. Tell your friend to wear a PokerStars shirt, it makes them easier to spot. Or else get them to catch me during a break and say 'Hi,' and give me a hand story or two.

Tom Schasfoort had a couple of interesting hands to tell me about. The Dutch player just won a big hand when his A-A got paid off by an all-in player with A-K. The very next hand he found K-K, and ran into still more big hands. (You see, it doesn't only happen online.) Tom was no doubt glad to see another player with Q-Q, but there was yet another player eager to put his chips in the middle - he was holding A-A. Tom thought he was out of this EPT, but a lucky river King kept him in the game. (You see, it doesn't only happen online.) Tom now plays 13,000 chips.

Tom Schasfoort

I was going to tell you about Italian qualifier, Emanuele Musso but just heard he is out. Marcin 'Doli' Doliwa, the captain of the winning Polish World Cup of Poker team is also now out. His team mate Andrej Skawinski is still playing, with around 7,000 chips.

I'd better head back to the tables and count more chips... More news soon.

Brad Willis
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