EPT Warsaw: Roy 'the brave' Brindley

Roy Brindley can't believe the move another player made, "Are you mad?" he asks.

On a board of 7h-Kc-4c-8h-5h Roy's just moved all-in, and around 14,000 chips sprawled across the table in front of him. It was the player who called him that Roy was asking if he were 'mad'.

I don't think many would question his opponent's mental health if they saw his cards. He turned over 4-4 for a set.

You wouldn't question Roy's boldness, he turned over As-Qs for a... nothing much.

Roy's out. Thomas Wahlroos was feeling bold too, commenting within Roy's earshot, "And just like that he’s gone. And my guess you’ll never hear from him again!"

Roy 'the boy' Brindley

Brad Willis
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