EPT Warsaw: Slade by a Giant

I am watching other tables, I promise, but at the moment all the action seems to be on Table 4. I had to head across from the other side of the room to see what was going on, because undoubtly the tallest player of Warsaw EPT, Benjamin Kang, was towering over his table. Possibly the loudest, Nick Slade, was shouting.

"I think I need a ten!" Slade was standing up as well. He was all-in.

On the table were chips, and a board that befitting such a scene. Around 30,000 chips and the glamour cards of A-Q-K.

Kang turned over the kind of cards you'd expect to get a lot of chips moving, he held A-K. Slade had, of course, J-J.

He was right about needing a ten. But no ten appeared... Nick's out.

Kang didn't sit down for a little while, just muttered, "He worried me. I was really worried when he called 7,000 chips."

80 players remain, Marcel Luske is a shortstack. Quite a crowd has gathered round his table. "Are you all watching me die? It's like the vultures circling," he said. Despite the comment he seems to be relishing the attention.

Better get back, and circle...

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in