EPT Warsaw: Slade by bad luck

Ben Grundy asks Nick Slade, "How many times have you had Queens?"

"Six," Nick replies, "and won with them twice." He scowls with disgust.

He and ElkY see a flop.


Slade bets just 600. ElkY calls.

The turn 9d. ElkY bets 1,700. Slade calls.

The river 4s. ElkY bets 2,600. Nick Slade scowls again. Stands up. Sits down. Scowls some more. Calls.

ElkY doesn't scowl, but I imagine he must be thinking 'scowl'. He mucks his cards unseen and Slade takes the pot.

As he sees a couple of press people writing down hand details he says, "Did you see the other one? It was a 30,000 pot!"

It was his set of fives against a set of Kings. And once he'd got his bad beat story off his chest, he returned to the table to play.

Nick Slade

Brad Willis
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