EPT Warsaw: Small Hands

Dave Colclough looked surprised by his own actions. On a board of 2-4-8-7 he looked at the cards, and chips, as if he knew it was trouble, but knew too that there was no escape. It was like he was looking at the cards and chips equivalent of the mother-in-law visiting, on Mother's Day, when it was her birthday also, and your wife was out, and the MIL didn't have a key to let herself in. He pushed his chips in unwillingly, knowing he was comitted, knowing he had to call. Knowing he really didn't want to.

"I've only a seven," he said.

Janne Juutilainen didn't have a huge hand either, but it was enough. He showed 8-10 for top pair. Dave's 7-6 didn't improve with the final card. He left the table shaking his head.

At the same table Thomas Osman had been regularly gathering chips, playing a lot of hands, and winning all that I saw. He called a small raise from Michael Westerland. On a flop of 6c Ad 2d. Thomas checks. Another bet from Westerland. Thomas calls.

The turn a 6s. Unusually cautious in this hand, Thomas checks again.

The river a 8d. A bigger bet from Westerland, around 12,000.

Thomas shrugs, almost apologetic as he calls, "Just got a deuce."

He shows his 2-10, and wins another big pot as Westerland mucks.

Michael Westerland, and Thomas Osman with a bigger pile of chips.

Brad Willis
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