EPT Warsaw: So long to Sointula

There are 65 players now. I do expect things to settle down soon, especially when we get close to those 24 places that will pay.

I told you I'm cursed with standing beside Katja Thater's table and never seeing her in a hand? Well I must have missed some good ones. From her 11,000 at the end of Day 1B she's now on around 37,000.

Ross Boatman just went out his 8-8 beat by A-K.

I just saw Jani Sointula double up taking chips from Norwegian, Marius Tobergsen. He was all-in again just a few hands later, the last of his chips going on the turn, when the board read 3-2-8-7. ElkY was his caller. 9-9 for Jani. 7-8 for ElkY and two pair.

The dealer spread the cards, about to shuffle the next hand.

ElkY was the one to point out, "We need another card."

The dealer obliged, an insignificant 4. Jani out. ElkY started bouncing along to his Ipod tune, looking happy, as he should be with a 60,000 chip pile in front of him.

Jani Sointula

Brad Willis
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