EPT Warsaw: Swings and Roundabouts

My Yorkshire Mum sometimes says, 'It's all swings and roundabouts.' I hope ElkY's thinking that now. I think you're supposed to think it when there's a change, to convince yourself there's nothing worth worrying about.

There are 36 players left now, just 5 tables, playing down to the final one tonight. We hae 1500/3000 blinds with a 300 ante.

Here's some approximate chipcounts for you:

Katja Thater 30,000
Thomas Osman 120,000
Peter Willers Jepsen 350,000
Roberto Matic 75,000
Andreas Hoivold 30,000
Marius Skoglund Tobergson 110,000
Priyan De Mel 85,000
Michael Westerland 150,000
Henning Granstad 110,000
Ramzi Jelassi 35,000

As I reached ElkY's table to count his chips I saw him push a big pile of his chips into the middle. There were already 50,000 in the pot.

He'd just set a player in a stripey jumper all-in.

The board was Q-Q-6-5-9. The player in the stripy jumper looked at the board, looked at his chips, looked at ElkY. Finally he said, "Call".

ElkY gave a small smile as he mucked his cards face down.

Stripy-jumper player's chips are counted. ElkY counted out another 30,000 to give him. The hand leaves him with around 75,000. He seemed to be smiling about it afterwards, perhaps he was thinking, 'it's all swings and roundabouts'?

Contemplating a big call...

Brad Willis
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