EPT Warsaw: Table Talk

There's a lively cash table close to the tournament. Barny Boatman, John Duthie and Andy Black seem to be involved in many more wild and interesting hands than those I see at level 3 of this EPT tournament.

There was one loud and unusual tournament moment. The loudspeaker came on to announce the blind change for level 4 and suddenly the whole room was filled with radio pop music - 'da da da boooom booom chak-chacka-chackaaa... and the blinds are now 100 200.'

From the cash game Andy Black stood up and approached Marcel Luske.

"You're looking elegant, you're witty, you're funny, you even smell good!" Andy told Marcel.

Marcel ignored him, he just looked at his cards, trying to play his tournament. Andy still hovered near by.

"Just being near Marcel makes me feel more of a man!" Andy continued.

"Are you trying to borrow money or **get intimate** with me?" Marcel asked?

Marcel got involved in a hand, so Andy Black retreated, with neither money nor any offer of 'intimacy'.

Marcel had called a small raise preflop, as had Luca Pagano, the raiser an Italian player wearing a grey blazer.

The flop was 4c-Qh-4d.

Luca checked, Marcel checked, grey-blazer checked.

The turn was Qs. Luca bet 700. Marcel folded. Grey-blazor goes all-in.

The dealer pushes Grey-blazors chips towards all the chips in the centre of the table. Marcel points out, "You need to count them!"

The dealer does as he's told, and it's 4300 to Luca. Luca sorts out a neat pile of 4,300, carefully thinking about calling. Then he counts how much it leaves him with, if he's wrong. Around 3,000.

Luca stands up, thinking, thinking... Finally he sits down again and finally, reluctantly, he folds.

Grey-blazor looks at him, "One time. For you..." The player flashes a Queen. "Because I like Italians," he smiles.

Luca with a decision to make

Chips from that table now, Luca Pagano 7,500. Marcel Luske 19,000, James Honeybone 7,000.

Play seems unusually slow today with just 11 players out so far, and the average stack not much more than we started with, around 11,000.

Brad Willis
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