EPT Warsaw: Team-mates and Table-mates

Katja Thater has taken a seat next to ElkY, at perhaps the toughest table in the room. It's a table of big names and big stacks. Michael Westerland sits there, playing 150,000. ElkY seems confident with 125,000. Katja looks serious with 40,000.

We've recently lost Karl Mahrenholz, Ben Grundy, and Essex PokerStars qualifier Dave Welch. Thomas Mathiesen is also out - he of the 90,000, A-7, raise. Peter Willers Jespen is clear chipleader with 300,000. He the recipient of the 90,000, A-7, raise. Henning Granstad is another big stack with around 115,000.

Andreas Hoivold is one of the shorter stacks, but has just doubled up. He was clutching aloft his winning A-K, as I passed his table. His new table. It seems he'd just moved.

"This table's better than the other," he said. "Does everyone get these cards here? Can I keep them?"

He points to the dealer, still unwilling to give up the cards. "If Marek lets me, can I keep them?"

Marek didn't oblige. It's another hand, another two cards, for Andreas.

ElkY and Katja, their moods match the size of their stacks

Brad Willis
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