EPT Warsaw: The Final

We're back for the final day of EPT Warsaw, it's rainy here in Poland today. And I expect it to be soon pouring down with all-in chip moves at the final table. Although I expect the dealer might prefer it if players pushed them to the middle in tidy piles, rather than flinging them in rain style.

Yesterday's final few hours saw lots of action - it felt like an all-in every other hand... This is looking likely to be a short lived final table. It's a shame this event isn't televised, as with most EPT poker, the final will be plenty of fun. There's a good mix of players so I expect a lively, interesting game. Having said that 'the bloggers curse' could set in and I'll be writing 'not much to report' twelve hours from now.

I've lost both Press Room 'last longer' bets, wishing they'd been for 'first player out,' so please don't expect my predictions to have much value, but for what it's worth this is how I expect the final table to play... Farid Meraghni and Frederic Hostrup fling their chips around in jolly fashion, barely looking at their cards, then re-raising each other in a macho bluff war. Katja Thater finds a short stack, and big blinds doesn't suit her patient game, she goes on tilt and plays A-J. John Conroy on 70,000 chips pays a few blinds and is out before his seat has chance to get warm. Marius Torbergsen and Andrew O'Flaherty get stage-fright at their first big money final, misread their hands and go out moaning, 'I thought I had the flush.' Peter Jepson sees his massage therapist girlfriend flirting with Andy Black, and is forced all-in so he can pick a fight...

So, as you see, it could be anyone's game!

The important thing is all the bloggers finish early and head to the bar. Of course I'm only joking, I'm very much looking forward to writing plenty about this event. Whatever happens here in Poland, I'll bring you news from this EPT final table very soon.

Our final table

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