EPT Warsaw: 'The whole table's steaming!'

There's a commotion over at Elky's table, which is perhaps the liveliest in the room. Mainly because of chatty Ben Grundy, and Nick Slade who also has plenty to say, and who if he were still at school would likely get told of for 'fidgeting' in his chair.

I got to the table in time to hear the player's description of a bizarre hand.

"He had nines, he had tens, he had Jacks!"

ElkY frowned as the player pointed at him. He was the one with the Jacks. I was guessing this table was so lively because it wasn't as dull a story as the best hand holding up.

"He hit a set, he made a straight, Jacks nowhere!"

ElkY looked at his depleted stack, looked like he was down to just 6,000 chips.

The table's self appointed commentator piped up yet again, gesturing wildly round the table, "I'm steaming because of him. He's steaming because of you. He's steaming and wasn't even in the hand! The whole table's steaming! Get some air conditioning for this table."

Nick Slade pipes up, "You asked me why I'm steaming? I lost the biggest pot of the night. Thirty thousand..."

Elky at the 'Steaming Table'

Brad Willis
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