EPT Warsaw: We have our final table!

A couple more quick exits and we have our final eight.

Dennis Plejdup out in 10th, he moved all-in with A-K. Patric Martenssen called immediately, as you do when you're holding A-A.

Then we lose our second Dennis. Dennis Bejedal moves all in with Queen-Jack. He got two callers, Farid Meraghni and Frederic Hostrup. They both check to the river. The board is 9-6-T-4-3. Farid's A-Q was good enough to win the pot, and Bejedal is out 9th.

Coming back tomorrow are the following players, with the following chips:

Frederic Hostrup 288,000
Peter Jepson 498,000
Marius Torbergsen 434,000
Andrew O'Flaherty 467,000
Farid Meraghni 971,000
Katja Thater 105,000
Patrick Martenssen 305,000
John Conroy 73,000

Team PokerStars Katja Thater will be glad of her first EPT final table. PokerStars qualifier's John Conroy and Marius Torbergsen will also feature. John started play today with very few chips, and will be the shortest stack at the final table. Howevr Conroy hails from Yorkshire, a county with a fine tradition of making something from nothing. There's a Yorkshire saying 'Many a Mickle makes a Muckle' and I think this translates as, 'If you don't have many chips don't worry, you can still win plenty.'

Marius Torbergsen has plenty of muckles made already. I mean 'he has lots of chips'. He was near-chipleader yesterday, and near chipleader at the end of play today, and he'll be hoping to take all the chips tomorrow.

Here's the money placings so far. It was a bit hectic at the end, this should straighten out who finished where.

9th Dennis Bejedal euro;18,726
10th Dennis Plejdrup euro;18,726
11th Benjamin Kang €14,565
12th Roberto Matic €14,565
13th Ole Gammeljord €12,484
14th Priyan De Mel €12,484
15th Mikael Westerlund €9,363
16th Henning Granstad €9,363
17th Paul Kristofferson €6,242
18th Bertrand Grospellier €
19th Ramsi Jelassi €6,242
20th Anders Berg €6,242
21st Jes Bondo €6,242
22nd Lukasz Wasek €6,242
23rd Morten Haakenstad €6,242

And this is what they're playing for tomorrow...

1st €325,633
2nd €182,063
3rd €109,238
4th €78,027
5th €64,502
6th €50,978
7th €40,574
8th €29,130

The final table is 2pm local time. I hope you'll join us then.

Katja Thater: 105,000 chips for the final table

Marius Torbergsen 434,000 for the final table

Brad Willis
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