EPT Warsaw: What did those players have for dinner?

Players haven't been afraid to move their chips around since the dinner break. Of course we lost another one in double-quick all-in-I-call time. Benjamin Kang lost most of his stack getting his chips in with A-T on an Ace high flop. His opponent held A-2 but rivered a 2 to leave him with next to no chips. Kang moved in with A-J, to be called by Farid Meraghni with Q-4. He hit a Queen and Kang was out 11th. Apparently the tallest player of EPT Warsaw was big-time cross.

In a typical 'Woo hoo! Let's play!' hand of the latter stages of this tournament. Dennis Bejedal raised preflop, Frederik Hostrup re-raised. Katja Thater on the big blind takes an interest, "How much?" she asks the dealer.

It's as if every player at the 5-handed table wants a part of this hand. Suddenly Farid Meraghni goes all-in. Katja suddenly loses interest and folds, Dennis Bejedal folds too. Frederik Hostrup asks for a count.

The dealer counts Meraghni's stack. They're pretty neatly piled up now, Katja having told the player earlier, "It looks lousy your stack, can't you organise your chips?"

Meraghni's newly organised chips are counted. There are 125,000. As if there's little now to think about Frederik announces, "Call."

The cards are turned over. And there are mutters and gasps from the rail. Holstrup has A-5, and Meraghni K-J.

The board is dealt quickly. It's 4-K-6-8-J. A great board for Meragni.

A huge pot, and Frederik Hostrup looks at me sadly, "I had the better hand."

Frederik Hostrup and Farid Meraghni

Brad Willis
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