EPT Warsaw: Where did those tables go?

We get handed a nice printed table plan, head down the three flights of stairs from the press room to the tournament floor, and by the time we get there the information is already out of date. We're already down to 80 players, and by the time I type this up I expect we'll have lost more. Shortstacks aren't hanging around with 600/1200 blinds and 100 antes. We're No longer playing on 12 tables in 3 rooms, it's now on 10 tables in 2.

We lost our Finnish FPP qualifier Kalevi Haikola. Kalevi was all in with A-A, as was Thomas Billum with T-T. They were called by Dave Gregory holding the mighty A-3. Well it looked kind of 'mighty' when the flop was 2-4-5. Dave put two players out, and contributed to the rapid table breaking downstairs.

Spencer Lawrence a PokerStars player from England is another unlucky A-A elimination. Polish player Darek Paszkiewicz called Stephen's re-raise to 3000 liking his K-Q. The flop brought K-T-4 and Darek check called Spencer's bet. The turn brought a Q and two pair for the Pole. Darek check re-raised all in for around 50,000. Spencer called and missed his 8 outs. Darek moves up to around 95,000 and may well now hold the chip lead.

Interesting tables so far.

ElkY shares a table with Jani Sointula, Paul Testud and PokerStars big-stack Marius Skoglund Torbergsen.

Katja Thater is at a table with Andreas Hoivold.

Juha Helppi, Mikael Westerlund and Peter Eichart are table mates.

Expect this information to be out of date by the time I get downstairs again...

ElkY and Marius Skoglund Torbergsen.

Brad Willis
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