EPT Warsaw: 'You have to call!'

Swedes are not just good at poker it seems... Andy Black was discussing the skills of the Swedish Masseur who was rubbing his back. It was Andy's big blind and Praz Bansi raised. Maybe he was worried Andy wouldn't notice?

"Someone raised, I don't know who?" Praz said.

"Well I have to call," Andy said, "Any two cards, I won't look."

"Well it's two times in a row," Praz said.

Andy checked before the flop was dealt. He still hadn't looked.

The flop 10d-7h-5d. Both players check.

The turn 2h.

Praz bets. Andy looks at his cards now, and calls.

The river 5d.

Praz bets 1700. Andy's still getting a massage, but doesn't look so relaxed now.

Praz shows Ac-Tc. Andy mucks.

"Why didn't you just fold?" Praz rubs it in.

"I know." The masseur rubs harder, doesn't look like Andy's enjoying her skills.

Andy Black now on 7,000 Praz has around 15,000. We're on a short break at the end of level 2.

Andy Black, up at 4am to fly here. (And feeling the effects?)

Brad Willis
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