Hands 1 - 10 : Manila APPT Final Table

Filed by Sean Callander

Blinds: 3000/6000 with 1000 ante

Hand 1: Roger Spets
Button: Blumenthal (seat 5) – Nicholas Bamman raises to 17,000 from late position, Roger Spets raises to 55,000. Bamman folds.

Hand 2: Roger Spets

Button: Feldinger (seat 6) – Hernandez calls, Rogers Spets raises to 35,000, the blinds fold and Hernandez folds.

Hand 3: Van Marcus

Button: van Liere (seat 7) – Four callers, Van Marcus raises to 20,000 on the flop and the other three players fold.

Hand 4: Van Liere

Button: Sato (seat 8) – Hernandez calls, Bas Van Liere raises to 18,000, the blinds fold and Hernandez folds.

Hand 5: Kazuhiro Sato

Button: Marcus (seat 9) – Van Marcus calls, Sato pushes all-in for 109,000 from middle position, the blinds and Marcus fold.

Hand 6: Kazuhiro Sato

Button: Hernandez (seat 1) – Kazuhiro Sato pushes all-in for 109,000 and Derick Hernandez calls. Sato shows Ac 9c and Hernandez Qd Qc. The board comes As 10h Kd 2s 9h, and Sato doubles through.

Hand 7: Bas Van Liere

Button: Bamman (seat 2) – Bas Van Liere raises to 20,000 from late position, and the blinds fold

Hand 8: Brett ‘Mr.BlueDuck’ Parise eliminates Derick Hernandez in 9th position ($11,386)

Button: Spets (seat 3) – Derick Hernandez raises to 18,000, Brett Parise reraises to 55,000, Hernandez pushes all-in and Parise calls. Hernandez shows As Ah, Parise 10h 10d. The board hits Parise (Jc 9c 10s), the turn is 8d and the river is a 6d. The last remaining Filipino player in the field, Derick Hernandez is eliminated in ninth position.

Hand 9: Maor Feldinger

Button: Parise (seat 4) – Nicholas Bamman raises to 18,000, Maor reraises to 40,000 from the big blind and Bamman folds.

Hand 10: Kazuhiro Sato

Button: Blumenthal (seat 5) – Kazuhiro raises to 20,000 under-the-gun, the blinds fold.

  • Seat 2: Nicholas Bamman (240,000)
  • Seat 3: Roger Spets (413,000) titantilts on PokerStars
  • Seat 4: Brett Parise (173,000) Mr.BlueDuck on PokerStars
  • Seat 5: Ira Blumenthal (184,000)
  • Seat 6: Maor Feldinger (199,000) jusepe236 on PokerStars
  • Seat 7: Bas van Liere (207,000) beerround on PokerStars
  • Seat 8: Kazuhiro Sato (109,000)
  • Seat 9: Van Marcus (738,000) sirens on PokerStars

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