Hands 101 - 110 APPT Manila Final Table

Filed by Sean Callendar

Hand 101: Van Marcus

Button: Maor Feldinger (seat 6) – Marcus calls from the small blind and Bamman checks. It’s checked all the way on a board of 7s 8d 8h 2c Kc, and Marcus takes it down with kings.

Hand 102: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – In a battle of the blinds, the all-in bet of Spets on a board of 5d 7s 5c 6s sends Bamman into the tank but he eventually makes the call with Kd 7h while Spets has an open-ended straight draw with 2h 4c. The Ks on the river gives Bamman the 400,000 pot but makes a major dent in Spets’ stack (now less than 100,000).

Hand 103: Roger Spets

Button: Nicholas Bamman (seat 2) – Spets goes all-in from the small blind for 76,000 and Parise calls from the big blind. Spets has Qd 5h and Parise 8c 2s. The flop is 6d 5c 7c, the turn a Kh and the river a 3c, saving Spets’ tournament bacon.

Hand 104: Ira Blumenthal eliminates Roger Spets in 6th position ($26,966)

Button: Roger Spets (seat 9) – Spets is back in the pot, all-in for about 170,000. Blumenthal also pushes all-in, and his jacks (Js Jh) have Spets’ sixes (6d 6s) dominated. The board comes 8s 9s 3s 3d 4h, sending Spets to the rail, an amazing turnaround in just three hands.

Hand 105: Maor Feldinger

Button: Brett Parise (seat 4) – We’re just back from the dinner break with five players remaining in the hunt for the first APPT Manila title. The current level is 10,000/20,000 with 200 antes.

The current chip count reads:

  • Nicholas Bamman (USA) 467,000
  • Brett Parise (USA) 372,000
  • Ira Blumenthal (Thailand) 694,000
  • Maor Feldinger (Israel) 524,000
  • Van Marcus (Australia) 496,000

And Feldinger gets a walk on the first hand after the evening feast.

Hand 106: Van Marcus

Button: Ira Blumenthal (seat 5) – Marcus is the next in the big blind and all players fold to him.

Hand 107: Ira Blumenthal

Button: Maor Feldinger (seat 6) – Blumenthal bumps it up to 65,000 in the cutoff seat and receives calls from Feldinger and Bamman. Blumenthal bets 200,000 on the flop after Bamman checks – Feldinger and Bamman both fold.

Hand 108: Brett Parise

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – Marcus makes it 55,000, Parise reraises all-in from the big blind and Marcus folds.

Hand 109: Van Marcus

Button: Nicholas Bamman (seat 2) – Marcus’s raise to 40,000 is enough to scare everyone else out of the pot.

Hand 110: Van Marcus

Button: Brett Parise (seat 4) – Marcus pops it up to 55,000 to take down another pot unchallenged.

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