Hands 21- 30 Manila APPT Final Table

Filed by Sean Callander

Hand 21: Maor Feldinger

Button: Kazuhiro Sato (seat 8) – Feldinger raises to 18,000, Marcus calls from the small blind and the flop comes J 10 6. Marcus checks in the dark, Feldinger bets 20,000, Marcus folds.

Hand 22: Van Marcus

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – actions folds to Marcus, he raises to 18,000 and Spets calls in a battle of the big stacks. Spets checks, Marcus bets 30,000 and takes the pot.

Hand 23: Maor Feldinger

Button: Nicholas Bamman (seat 2) – Feldinger raises to 15,000 and the blinds fold.

Hand 24: Roger Spets

Button: Roger Spets (seat 3) – Action folds to Spets, who raises to 19,000, the blinds fold.

Hand 25: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Brett Parise (seat 4) – Nicholas Bamman raises to 20,000, the blinds fold (perhaps in the shock of the power blackout we’ve just experienced at the Hyatt Hotel here in Manila). The power (and the Internet) are back, and on we go!

Hand 26: Bas van Liere

Button: Ira Blumenthal (seat 5) – Blumenthal and Feldinger call, Van Liere announces all-in for 101,000. Both players fold.

Hand 27: Kazuhiro Sato

Button: Maor Feldinger (seat 6) – with the blinds up to 4000/8000 with a 1000 ante, all players fold to Kazuhiro Sato in the big blind.

Hand 28: Ira Blumenthal

Button: Bas van Liere (seat 7) – Blumenthal raises to 18,000 from middle position, Marcus calls from the big blind. The Flop is 9s Kc 9d. Blumenthal bets 30,000 and Marcus calls. The turn is a 10d, Marcus bets 45,000, Blumenthal pushes all-in with Kh 10c and Marcus calls with 8d 9c. The river is a 10h, giving Blumenthal a full house on a two-outer and doubling him up through the PokerStars Supernova known as ‘sirens’. Blumenthal takes down the biggest pot of the final table so far, worth more than 300,000.

Hand 29: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Kazuhiro Sato (seat 8) – the action folds to Sato, who raises to 30,000. Nicholas Bamman announces all-in, and Sato folds.

Hand 30: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – Nicholas Bamman raises 30,000 from the small blind and takes the pot.

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