Hands 38-50 APPT Manila Final Table

Filed by Sean Callander

Current chip count (after 38 hands)

  • Seat 2: Nicholas Bamman (200,000)
  • Seat 3: Roger Spets (510,000) titantilts on PokerStars
  • Seat 4: Brett Parise (360,000) Mr.BlueDuck on PokerStars
  • Seat 5: Ira Blumenthal (270,000)
  • Seat 6: Maor Feldinger (170,000) jusepe236 on PokerStars
  • Seat 7: Bas van Liere (200,000) beerround on PokerStars
  • Seat 8: Kazuhiro Sato (210,000)
  • Seat 9: Van Marcus (630,000) sirens on PokerStars

Hand 38: Roger ‘titantilts’ Spets

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – Blinds are up to 6000/12,000 with a 1000 ante. Bamman calls in the small blind, Spets raises 25,000 and Bamman calls.

Hand 39: Bas van Liere AKA beerround

Button: Nicholas Bamman (seat 2) – Van Liere calls, Bamman calls, Spets in the small blind calls and Parise checks. The flop comes Qd 10h 4d, and all four players check. The turn is a 10c, Bamman bets 18,000 and Van Liere calls (Spets and Parise fold). The river is a 5d, Van Liere bets 30,000 and Bamman folds, giving Van Liere a pot of 75,000.

Hand 40: Van Marcus

Button: Roger Spets (seat 3) – Van Marcus raises to 20,000 from middle position and takes down the blinds and antes.

Hand 41: Maor ‘jusepe236’ Feldinger

Button: Brett Parise (seat 4) – Sato raises to 24,000 and Feldinger calls in the big blind. The flop is 4s 2h 10d, Feldinger checks, Sato bets 24,000 and Feldinger announces all-in. Sato calls with Ac 10s, while Feldinger has Jd Jh. The turn is Qd, and the river a 4c, allowing Feldinger to double through Sato in a pot worth more than 400,000. Sato is now crippled with just 20,000 in chips.

Hand 42: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Ira Blumenthal (seat 5) – Bamman raises to 24,000, and drags in the blinds and antes.

Hand 43: Ira Blumenthal eliminates Kazuhiro Sato in 8th position ($14,981)

Button: Maor Feldinger (seat 6) – Blumenthal raises to 24,000 and the short-stacked Sato pushes all-in. Blumenthal shows Jd Jc, while Sato has only 5c 4s. The flop of 4c 6h 10s hits Sato, and the turn of 3s gives him more outs. But the river is a 9d, sending the Japanese player to the rail.

Hand 44: Ira Blumenthal

Button: Bas van Liere (seat 7) – Blumenthal raises to 24,000 and takes the blinds and antes.

Hand 45: Nicholas Bamman

Button: dead – Spets raises to 35,000 in the cutoff, and Bamman calls in the big blind. The flop reads Qc 9s 8h, and both players check. The turn is a 4s, Bamman bets 50,000, sending Spets into the tank. Eventually he calls, and the river comes 9c. Bamman pushes all-in and Spets folds, giving Bamman a pot of more than 150,000.

Hand 46: Van Marcus

Button: Van Marcus (seat 9) – Marcus raises to 24,000 to earn him the blinds and antes.

Hand 47: Van Marcus

Button: Nicholas Bamman (seat 2) – Marcus raises to 24,000 to again claim the blinds and antes.

Hand 48: Ira Blumenthal

Button: Roger Spets (seat 3) – Blumenthal checks in the big blind after Feldinger and Parise call. The flop is 8h Js 10h. Blumenthal raises to 25,000 and Feldinger calls. The turn is Ad, Blumenthal checks, Feldinger raises to 50,000 and Blumenthal calls. The river is 2s, it goes check-check and Blumenthal wins a nice pot with a pair of 10s.

Hand 49: Nicholas Bamman

Button: Brett Parise (seat 4) – Bamman raises to 24,000 and receives no action from the blinds.

Hand 50: Van Marcus

Button: Ira Blumenthal (seat 5) – First to act, Marcus raises to 34,000, and both blinds fold.

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