Lee's Poker Masterclass

By Sarne Lightman.

Patrik Antonius has been dominating the Aussie Millions since Day 1. With a monster pile of some 400k he had been running over his tables, but with Lee Nelson now sitting 4 to his left, he has suddenly found a player he can neither dominate nor intimidate.

In the break I asked Lee how Antonius was playing:

"Patrik is raising around 50 to 60 percent of hands pre-flop. He is getting plenty of action but he is so good post flop he is able to take most of them down. With his image, every time he gets a hand he gets paid off."

So what do you do when you are up against one of the best post flop players in the world? You out play them pre flop.

Lee "Final Table" Nelson has earned his nickname by making the final table of one out of every three major poker events he has played in his professional career, and for those of us on the rail it is apparent how. The 2006 Aussie Millions Champion is giving a masterclass in preflop poker. With multiple positional reraises and squeeze plays Lee has been chipping into Antonius' stack.

A typical hand went like this earlier today.

With the blinds 600 / 1200 and a 200 ante Antonius made his standard pre flop raise to 4k. The 2 players to his left, both on around 40k, both flat call and the action passes to Lee on the button, who is having none of it. Lee re-raises to 16k.

The blinds fold and its back to Antonius. With three players in position on him, two of whom could well go all if he just flat called, Patrik's probably considering a fold or a re-raise. If he raises and Lee actually has a hand Antonius could end up playing for more than one third of his stack. With a resigned look he mucks his cards.

The other 2 players, who were happy to call Patrik's 4k with his loose table image can't stand the heat from Lee Nelson and also fold.

Another 16k moves over the felt to Lee and he passes the 150k mark.

Brad Willis
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