PokerStars becomes first to hit 150,000 players at once

The Maracana Municipal Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the largest soccer (or, if you prefer, football) stadium in the entire world. It can seat somewhere in the neighborhood of 155,000 people at once. At midday in America (ET) and prime time in Europe, the number of people playing at PokerStars could've fillled nearly every seat in that stadium.

In February 2006, PokerStars became the first online poker site to host 100,000 simultaneous players. It was a moment deemed worthy of note by the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records. Less than two years later, on the final Sunday of the year, 150,000 players were sitting at PokerStars' virtual table at the same time. That's the same, if you will, as every citizen of the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee sat down for a poker game simulatenously.

The playing frenzy was evident in the big Sunday tournaments at PokerStars. The quarterly $1,050 buy-in Sunday Million drew more than 1,800 players to compete for a $1.8 million prize pool. The Sunday Hundred Grand event capped out at 20,000 players.

These kinds of days make you thankful for online poker. It's just not easy to find more than 20,000 dealer buttons on short notice...especially on a Sunday.

Brad Willis
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