PokerStars has a fourth Supernova Elite

Now that the end of the year is drawing nigh, the elite among the PokerStars VIP Club are starting to come out of the woodwork. It's only been a couple of weeks since we saw PokerStars third Supernova Elite member of the VIP Club.

Now, there is a fourth: jhub3000

Because few people can conceive of what it takes to achieve this level of play, we asked jhub3000 a few questions. This is what he says about joining ElkY, BigJoe2003, and marchinvest2 as the only Supernova Elite members of the PokerStars VIP Club.


How did you make it to Supernova Elite?

jhub3000: Almost entire 6 man SNGs, mostly from the $119 to $565 level, usually 8-12 tables at a time

What have you been spending your FPPs on?

jhub3000: Like marchinvest2, I just get the cash bonuses because I'm saving for a house. I also purchased a car (07 Chrysler 300) with some of the money I received from the bonuses.

Do you have any interests outside of poker?

jhub3000: Sports, fantasy football, camping, fishing, working out.

How did you get into poker?

jhub3000: I used to occasionally play with friends. Then I tore my achilles tendon and needed something to do on the weekends because I didn't couldn't play sports and didn't feel like going out to parties/bars with my friends on crutches. I started up a play money account in the Spring '05. I did extremely well (who wouldn't at play money) and decided to make a real money deposit. I deposited $50 & never looked back. I started at $1 & $2 SNGs. I made some money but nothing big. Then I read some books and switched to cash games. That's when I really started doing well. I played mostly NL hold em and some Omaha H/L. I went from site to site and probably played on about 7 sites. Finally in the fall of '05 I switched back to SNGs, except this time I played 6 max SNGs since that is what I had been playing most recently in cash.

I immediately did extremely well. I found out that I was getting laid off from my college job so I started up an Excel spreadsheet to calculate my hourly rate to see if I could do it as a job. I realized that I was making more than I would at a normal "job" so I decided to give it a go. I started playing as my job while in college in January '06. This is when I switched to PokerSars and immediately wished I had done so sooner. I started out just 2 tabling $38s and then gradually added tables and eventually moved up in stakes (a lot later than I should have). I have been playing full time since January of this year. I'll probably be going back to school for my last semester this Spring.

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