PokerStars player turns FPPs into trip of lifetime

I remember when PokerStars introduced the VIP Club and its Supernova concierge service. I asked someone at PokerStars privately, "So, really, what do you think people are going to use that for?"

The answer was both intriguing and a little mysterious: "Just about anything they want."

Oh, really? From time to time, I hear stories about what players are using their FPPs for. One player used his FPPs to buy a guitar. Another bought a kayak. And , in my personal favorite to date, one player used FPPs to pay for a wedding.

All of that, I think, is pretty cool. However, I just learned today about one of the neatest FPP transformations yet. Supernova bouh just turned a bunch of FPPs into an African safari.

Bouh took a ton of pictures on the trip. The one above is nice and the rest are just as amazing. To check them out, see bouh's Picasa Album from the trip.

For more information on on the concierge service at PokerStars, check out the PokerStars VIP Club FPP store.

Brad Willis
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