PokerStars Sunday Million Anniversary Results

It was an anniversary celebration like no one could've expected. More than 10,500 players showed up to celebrate the anniversary of the Sunday Million and compete for a prize pool that eclipsed $2 million. The top five players in the event walked away with six-figure paydays. Final table results are below. Also, congratulations to Sooners who won the Sunday Million Tournament of Champions event and will be headed to the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo!

PokerStars Sunday Million Anniversary Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and a five-way deal that left $30,000 for first place

1. Zeddor (Denmark) $131,971.74
2. nickym998 (United Kingdom) $160,949.52
3. gambforlife (United States) $119,209.08
4. Othimua (United States) $103,142.40
5. francky2011 (France) $102,177.33
6. xxallthenutz (Canada) $36,778.00
7. EZCash1 (United States) $25,219.20
8. wsu79 (United States) $17,863.60
9. pbdrunks (United States) $12,189.28

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