PokerStars Sunday Million Results (3-25-07)

This week's Sunday Million was the quarterly $1,050 event and it was a monster. More than 1,700 players showed up and played for an amazing $1.7 million prize pool. When it was over, the top two players split a half million bucks. Final table results are below.

PokerStars Sunday Million results
Based on finishing order and two-way deal that left $50,000 for first place

1. fouruhaters (United States) $291,472.80
2. hankat (United Kingdom) $241,472.80
3. Mr_BigQueso (United States) $125,318.40
4. mman_status (United States) $100,665.60
5. XTraCey (United States) $78,752.00
6. jordankickz (United States) $59,920.00
7. Econ Adager (United States) $42,457.60
8. pbdrunks (United States) $26,193.60
9. troy1979 (United Kingdom) $15,408.00

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