PokerStars Sunday Million Results (4-22-07)

The PokerStars Sunday Million again proved why it has become appointment poker for the world's best. More than 6,700 players signed up for the $1.3 million event. In just eleven hours, the Netherland's SvZff put them all away, pocketing more than $160,000 after a three-way deal.

Here's how the action played out.

Cashcondo was the first to go when he open-pushed with a pair of threes. Anywhat called with pocket fives and sent cashcondo out with an $8,300 win in ninth place.

Bad Rodin caught a bad river when he got pocket jacks in against chaimr's naked ace. An ace on the river put Bad Rodin out in eighth with an extra $13,000 in his bankroll.

Matilaro went out when he couldn't find a way to beat chaimr's 55 on a [7d 6s Ac 8d] 2♠ board. Nonetheless, a $22,000 win is a pretty good return on his investment.

ShiP ThA $$$ was looking to get his chips in and re-raised all-in with 88 after a raise from SvZff. WiCane woke up with TT and got all his chips in as well. No miracle on the board and ShiP ThA $$$ won $30,000 for sixth place.

Gator615 suffered a rough beat when he got his AK in against SvZff's KQ on a K44 flop. A queen on the turn and no ace on the river put Gator315 out in fifth place for $43,000.

Just before the discussion of a deal, chaimr's pocket aces got cracked by WiCane's 67 on a K67 flop. The deal was immediately canceled and though he managed to double up once, chaimr was out a few hands later, earning more than $56,000 for his finish.

With chaimr's exit, talk of a deal resumed. After some brief negotiation, the players worked out a chip count chop and got back to work. Anywhat was out shortly thereafter, running his 9T into WiCane's KK.

Heads up play lasted just ten minutes. WiCane did his best to battle SvZff's big stack, but in the end his AK couldn't outrun SvZff's KT on a ten-high flop.

Here are the final table results.

PokerStars Sunday Million Results
Based on finishing order and a three-way deal that left $30,000 for first place

1. SvZff (Netherlands) $163,974.12
2. WiCane (United States) $113,000.00
3. Anywhat (Austria) $90,000.00
4. chaimr (Canada) $56,540.40
5. Gator615 (United State)s $43,213.02
6. ShiP ThA $$$ (United States) $30,962.60
7. mantilaro (Chile) $22,212.30
8. Bad Rodin (France) $13,462.00
9. cashcondo (United States) $8,346.44

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